Remember to live.
Remember to love.
Passionately, dedicated, and with your whole heart
That somehow keeps on beating.
Don’t worry about failing
Because that’s an unavoidable thing.
But if you risk it all, one day
You will find what you were looking for
Wondering why you were ever happy
With less than this!
Once you found it
Your pain will fade.
And you will live.
And you will love.
And then you’ll be glad
That your heart kept on beating.
For River.

― Current mood: empty.

Can a heart break?

Why is it called being 'heartbroken' when your heart obviously works? Just works too hard and loves too much. It's not broken, it's just stupid. And why is it possible that for most days you're absolutely fine, but that one night ...

We only realize what we had
When it’s lost. Long gone.
Extracted from my heart
My body cold and empty
Shaking from memories
That keep torturing my soul.

― Current mood: shattered.

The show must go on

You don't know this. I'm currently recovering from some of the most crazy weeks in my life I ever had to go through. Mentally and physically it was a straining, terrifying, painful and extremely emotional. I can't talk about it yet, but I ...

To love a soul is more than loving a human being.
Loving a soul is not determined by gender, male or female.
Age is irrelevant, or what you do for a job.
Skin color and sexual orientation doesn’t matter at all.


― Current mood: fearless.

Thinking back to the days in the sunshine You took my hand and we followed our plans The grass was green and our feet were dirty Walking on the gravel with the shoes in our hands. The wind in our hair, we were smelling ...