Art Night Celebrations

Professor Smith and I have the weekly habit to meet for our ultimative "Art Night"! Mostly, we meet at her place (it's just a bit bigger) and we bring our art supplies. I have not seen such an immense collection of paint, ...

Catching up on some dreams

I just finished making this gorgeous dreamcatcher! It wasn't even that hard. And you can go all kinds of crazy with different fabrics, lace, beeds, strings, leather (if you're not vegan or vegetarian) or any type of colorful stuff you ...

Release and let go

Ok this is just some mascara and make up photography experiment. I love changing into characters. Since I'm usually a pretty happy person, this was a great contrast. Ok I admit, maybe it was relieving to get these emotions onto camera. ...


Photography study self portrait overexposed / bright black and white facial expressions Ok, it's *really* not that I am a narcissistic person or love sefies (they're ok haha). I was just sick of photographing scenery, nature and buildings. I really love the fact how faces, little ...

Remember to live.
Remember to love.
Passionately, dedicated, and with your whole heart
That somehow keeps on beating.
Don’t worry about failing
Because that’s an unavoidable thing.
But if you risk it all, one day
You will find what you were looking for
Wondering why you were ever happy
With less than this!
Once you found it
Your pain will fade.
And you will live.
And you will love.
And then you’ll be glad
That your heart kept on beating.
For River.

― Current mood: empty.


I can't believe it took me SO long to pick up a camera again! Knowing that my poor iPhone has a lot of issues right now dealing with the overwhelming amount of snapshots I took the last few years, I should have ...