Plan(t)s for a new years resolution

Plan(t)s for a new years resolution

The first day of the new year is always so exciting!! You can make all kinds of plans what to do better the upcoming year, all the things you always wanted but never really did. Not saying you’re actually gonna do them this year, but it’s good to think that you could. Haha.

This year – the eve of the last day of 2014 – I started a new tradition! I bought two little plants with two little pots – one for me & one for Adam – and during a reflective, celebrational, and cozy new years eve in the middle of candle light and the smell of pie and red wine we each wrote our new years resolution on a piece of paper to be planted underneath the little succulents.

The good thing: There are no rules. The resolutions don’t even have to be reasonable. Go crazy! They can be dreams. They can seem unreachable. They can also stay secret, just for you and your plant to know. Most important is you write down what you think will make you happy. Good thoughts. Happy thoughts. Something that will fuel and excite you whenever you will look at your little succulent throughout the new year, knowing the secrets it knows of you, feeding of the happy thoughts buried underneath it, and growing bigger – while your dreams may even grow with it.

I can’t wait to see what I’m gonna accomplish this year. Resolution or not, here’s to happiness, new beginning and to try your best to make your life the best life ever!

May your new year become happy & exciting too! xo

Succulents for a new year resolution


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