And then we just went house hunting

And then we just went house hunting

It’s funny how sometimes things come up & turn your life around if you just keep dreaming  about them.

I met Adam in August 2014. That’s not even a year ago. The months we spent together so far are some of the most amazing and made me the happiest I have ever been in my life! I feel free. I feel myself, and loved for the weird little things that I do. He’s teaching me, he’s showing me his piece of the world, and he lets me show him mine. Our little road trips are the key to my heart! It’s only been a couple of months, but the bond I feel we have goes way beyond simple explanations and descriptions of love.

Recently there was a lot of talk about the advantages of investing into property, but how people like us could never afford anything decent in the greater Vancouver area. And the dreamer in me told him in my most excited, flowery, and Cloe-ism spiked vocabulary about that little Bed’n’Breakfast far away by the sea that I always wanted to run… you know, big wooden porch, hardwood floors, light flooded rooms, happy vacationers, walks to the beach, and beers on the porch with friends after a long day in the sun. I would make some kick ass breakfast, people would be chatty and excited, while some would appreciate the calm and serenity of the relaxing rooms that we would set up. There would be life, and much to learn. – Of course I had the Pinterest folder I have been collecting ideas in ready to go to underline my excitement.

And for anyone else but my imaginative and patient boyfriend it may have sounded like a crazy dream, delusional and utopian. But for him it wasn’t.

So we went looking for it.

With the relentless and determined support of his lovely and very dedicated mom & dad we saw a lot of places, drove long distances, saw strange things, and beautiful landscapes. The more we were out of the greater Vancouver area, the busy metropole with all that traffic, the amount of generic suburbs, and the overpriced beautiful neighborhoods – and the more we went into the nature and watch those small towns pass by the more I felt the heaviness of the city drop off of me, and I felt like we found a place to stay for a long, long time…






the sea


And then… we found a gem of a house. The most stunning place I would have never even dared imagining in my dreams

( blog is in the works haha..)


Born in Europe, a word-traveller and artist by heart, (temporarily) residing in Vancouver, Canada. I live for passion, and love the power of imagination, creation and inspiration. Life is too short to just let it pass by. Carpe Diem!

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