Sewing the night away

Sewing the night away

I am not sure why I kept delaying the necessary task of sewing my couch cushions until now. I was ecstatic when I found the right fabric! Last night I decided that there were no more excuses, the cushions had to be done sooner or later, and why not make it a fun night?!

I am currently parking in front of my neighbor’s place, and with their internet connection (thank you guys!!) I was able to Netflix my night away. Starting with a few chuckles watching How I Met Your Mother & then switching over to Breakout Kings (Lloyd!) I connected my sewing machine & got started. Wasn’t really that difficult.

I wish I could’ve made more photos, but it was late and I had a glass or so of wine.. At least they’re done now. I *love* the fabric, the grey hue makes the accent teal really pop!


sewing-2 sewing-1


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