Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights

I found these awesome SOLAR powered string lights at Ikea, perfect for my RV!

Originally, I wanted to get any traditional string light, the more the better, but when you have just so much power available (or NOT available) you have to decide between something that’s beautiful and something that’s useful. And after living in my RV for over two weeks now I know the importance of useful appliances. Sigh.

Then I found these beautiful paper orbs at Ikea, and they’re even solar powered!! Meaning, I am charging it for 4 hours in sunlight (or 12 hours in cloudy weather, if you consider that I’m still living in Vancouver lol) and they shine for 12 hours straight! If you want. Of course you can also turn them off, which I do when I go to bed, they are pretty bright.

So now I have a useful AND pretty light source! *happydance*




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