How food can make you happy, healthy AND beautiful!

How food can make you happy, healthy AND beautiful!

Is the term “foodie” lame yet?

Social media talks about healthy food obsession for a good while now, and especially in many trendy parts of Vancouver the simple purchase of kale can make you look too “hipster” – despite its obvious benefits, nevertheless these attitudes I would like to state one thing: Food is awesome!

I don’t really care about trends, but one of my best friends is becoming a holistic nutritionist right now – and her happy attitude towards nutrient rich food and healthy recipes was completely inspiring!

Day by day we are putting up with so much stress – work, life, emotions, PMS, decisions, errands, responsibilities, … – the power that we require from our body can sometimes be more than we feel we have – especially if we are feeding our body crap! So why not eating clean & healthy in the first place, giving our bodies strength, boosting our immune system and actually feeling FABULOUS eating? It really doesn’t have to feel like a diet.

When I grew up we ate just food with mostly natural ingredients, and I developed a love for good food & eating – and I  never to diet. We did eat bread & pasta – the whole grain kind. Plain yogurt with fruit for the sweet tooth. We drank a LOT of water & tea, not soda. It’s the little things.

Today, I make sure every meal that I make is a colorful variant of veggies, grains, seeds, and protein. I never want to have to ‘diet’, and I want to love food! And if you eat clean & healthy, scratch useless sugar, drink plenty of water and work out a little here and there, you can even have that chocolate pudding or eat some cookies… it doesn’t matter.

Let food make you happy & beautiful!!

Hope I could inspire a few of you :) Here are a few photos of my everyday brunch, dinner or snack.

Healthy Brunch

Eggs Benedict - Healthy Brunch

Healthy Soup & Grilled Cheese

Healthy Brunch

Healthy Bliss Balls


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