Remembering California

Remembering California

Looking back to what has been my Californian Road Trip I remember a lot of new scenery, the ocean, open minded & friendly people in coffee shops, gas stations and everyday life, and of course the sun. Man I miss the sunny days & blue skies!! Somehow everyone seemed to be in a good mood. People like to smile, like to share (their stuff, their opinion, etc) and are extremely comfortable being around with.

This trip has not been my last that much I promised myself! I’m already planning the next one for late spring. Now my RV has been fixed thoroughly and – knock on wood – cannot possibly break again! Ha!

Thank you to everyone who made this trip and my experience that special!

Shell Beach


Pismo Beach


Lemon Tree


On the water's edge




Born in Europe, a word-traveller and artist by heart, (temporarily) residing in Vancouver, Canada. I live for passion, and love the power of imagination, creation and inspiration. Life is too short to just let it pass by. Carpe Diem!

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