Today is the day! Buying the RV!!

Today is the day! Buying the RV!!

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So I found this ad on the good trusty Craigslist, it’s only the second one I looked at. It sounded great, looked solid (“no rust or leaks!”), and the guy who had worked on it so far was astoundingly cool. I always have to remember, this will be my *home*! Not a vehicle for a weekend getaway, or a road trip only. So this has to be it!

Tom came with & chatted with Ian, the dude who sold it, about technical details (aka the Tim Taylor talk) while I inspected the interior. You know you like a place when you start to mentally revamping it to your likes. Crossing fingers the whole time until Tom and I drove back home and he gave me the rundown. Top notch. For its age. I was so relieved!

Had my car mechanic friend Shayne have another look at the engine (“Cloe, if I had the money I would buy it right now, that’s how great the condition is!”) and after Tom drove to New Westminster and back to Vancouver 5 times in one day I made the decision – to buy my new home!

I have never been that nervous, excited, fearful, melancholic and happy at the same time in my life.

Crossing fingers right before buying my new RV!!

Crossing fingers right before buying my new RV!!


It’s mine!!!



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