The first day

The first day

Today I took my new home.. home.

Old versus new. Beautiful, bright, spacious, top floor character 2BR apartment versus a 1973, used, 200sqft motorhome. For some reason this currently feels more appealing to me than staying at a place with so many memories that are nagging on your soul, tearing apart what’s left of my heart.

IMG_5248-sml copy

Looking forward. This baby will be my home for let’s say the next three months. Longer if I dare. Shorter if I chicken out. Which will not happen. So much I promised myself.

Started renovating today to make it my dream home. My 200sqft dream home. I’m collecting ideas on Pinterest ever since I came up with this idea. Can you say ‘addictive’??

Tom helped & ripped out the broken fridge, which we will be replacing with a fancy high class cooler. (High class was added by myself to make me feel better about it). It will reduce costs of propane, costs of gas (found out how HEAVY these things actually are!! Wow.) and gives me more space. The built in closet is small enough as it is. Haha.

That reminds me, I need to start packing. This weekend is moving time.



Born in Europe, a word-traveller and artist by heart, (temporarily) residing in Vancouver, Canada. I live for passion, and love the power of imagination, creation and inspiration. Life is too short to just let it pass by. Carpe Diem!

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