Happy And Healthy

Happy And Healthy

I thoroughly believe that you are what you eat. I’m not 20 anymore, and although I seem to have a good metabolism fast food makes me miserable. Ok, with the one exception of the occasional Taco Bell. I always try to eat as healthy as possible, if it has more than three ingredients it doesn’t count as healthy. It’s easy to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at little farmers markets in the small towns I’m passing, but it’s a bit harder to store milk, eggs, and any other protein source, especially if you don’t have a fridge, and just a little ice cooler.

So I’m mixing and matching, experimenting, and improvising with the few things I have, to always create a healthy meal, a little bit of comfort and something that doesn’t require me to wash 2897947 dishes when I’m done – water is limited and anyhow, I want to be resourceful and green.

And not even does it make me feel amazing, it’s fun to create. Look at all these colors!! It’s like creating an edible art project.

I learned a lot from my friend Sarah, who owns one of the most impressive salad topping collection I have ever seen, nicely displayed on her kitchen shelf. Yummers! If you make good food that available in your kitchen, you’re more likely to eat healthy. So I’m forcing myself to not by all packaged food and pre-mixed somethings, cans and boxes and always have a nice selection of greens, grains, veggies and nuts available. Thanks Sar! Feeling good is actually not that hard :)

Dinner with Dexter

Making dinner watching Dexter

Healthy Dinner

Sometimes comfort food is ok (mac n cheese). Make it half KD and half heathy add-ons

Nutritious Snack

Yummy snack.

Holy Crap

Holy Crap!


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