Good morning .. good tunes.

For as long as I can think I am obsessed with good music. One band in particular, the Mad Caddies, a fun ska/dixie/rock band from California. The music just makes me smile, it’s a totally feel-good vibe.

The Mad Caddies recently started playing an older tune in a new, super awesome way during their live shows, like really *really* awesome. The main part is still rock, but the opening and ending has now a beautiful new orleans jazzy type of mood.

I found this version online (live show recording only) & am playing it ever since, every morning, in my little new home. And it feels even more like my home now. This is happiness. Thank you, Mad Caddies dudes.


Born in Europe, a word-traveller and artist by heart, (temporarily) residing in Vancouver, Canada. I live for passion, and love the power of imagination, creation and inspiration. Life is too short to just let it pass by. Carpe Diem!

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