And the energy that is raging inside us We can use to build us back up. :) The Used restore my energy once more. So much love. So much power. So much will to move on! Despite the lyric font being Papyrus...

Free your mind

First day of summer! Temperatures appropriately high, with the clouds finally moving along, making space for some warm sun rays and a whole lotta good mood! Scooted to my secret cove in West Vancouver and relaxed all day. It's amazing to just ...

Remember to live.
Remember to love.
Passionately, dedicated, and with your whole heart
That somehow keeps on beating.
Don’t worry about failing
Because that’s an unavoidable thing.
But if you risk it all, one day
You will find what you were looking for
Wondering why you were ever happy
With less than this!
Once you found it
Your pain will fade.
And you will live.
And you will love.
And then you’ll be glad
That your heart kept on beating.
For River.

― Current mood: empty.

New plan: This summer I will be the best version of myself I have ever been!

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― Miss Cloe


I can't believe it took me SO long to pick up a camera again! Knowing that my poor iPhone has a lot of issues right now dealing with the overwhelming amount of snapshots I took the last few years, I should have ...

Girl crush, pt.1

Chloe Rice, photographer I love her boldness. I love her smile. I love her edge & her creativity. She effin rocks!! I wanna live in her world of color, faces, shapes and characters. She's as cute as she is weird - in the coolest ...