On the move

I always had different opinions about moving. On the one hand, it's super exciting - new areas to explore, neighbors to meet, rooms to decorate, and stories to create. Filling a strange place with parts of yourself in order to make this ...

Sunshine Coastal Bliss

The first rays of sunshine are finding their way through the perpetual cover of clouds and mist.. what better time for Adam and I to hit the road, board a ferry, and travel to a place where the beaches are wide ...

For the ones we love

You never think of the fact that the one little postcard that you send could be the last contact between you and that person - ever. I sent this postcard to my Oma on my birthday, so many beautiful things had happened, ...

Anna’s Story

Happy 4th of July my American friends. Here is my own personal story about freedom and independence: See my heritage is German with a quarter Russian. My lovely grandma Anna was born in Russia and has an amazing story that I'm ...

Please go watch X-Men: Days of Future Past! I'm in awe of the most beautiful scene, the slow motion scene of Quicksilver (Evan Peters).. A beautiful song, an inspiring meaning & amazing cinematography. <3 If I could save time in a bottle The first ...

Remember to live.
Remember to love.
Passionately, dedicated, and with your whole heart
That somehow keeps on beating.
Don’t worry about failing
Because that’s an unavoidable thing.
But if you risk it all, one day
You will find what you were looking for
Wondering why you were ever happy
With less than this!
Once you found it
Your pain will fade.
And you will live.
And you will love.
And then you’ll be glad
That your heart kept on beating.
For River.

― Current mood: empty.

We only realize what we had
When it’s lost. Long gone.
Extracted from my heart
My body cold and empty
Shaking from memories
That keep torturing my soul.

― Current mood: shattered.

To love a soul is more than loving a human being.
Loving a soul is not determined by gender, male or female.
Age is irrelevant, or what you do for a job.
Skin color and sexual orientation doesn’t matter at all.


― Current mood: fearless.