We only realize what we had
When it’s lost. Long gone.
Extracted from my heart
My body cold and empty
Shaking from memories
That keep torturing my soul.

― Current mood: shattered.

The show must go on

You don't know this. I'm currently recovering from some of the most crazy weeks in my life I ever had to go through. Mentally and physically it was a straining, terrifying, painful and extremely emotional. I can't talk about it yet, but I ...

To love a soul is more than loving a human being.
Loving a soul is not determined by gender, male or female.
Age is irrelevant, or what you do for a job.
Skin color and sexual orientation doesn’t matter at all.


― Current mood: fearless.

Thinking back to the days in the sunshine You took my hand and we followed our plans The grass was green and our feet were dirty Walking on the gravel with the shoes in our hands. The wind in our hair, we were smelling ...

So I'm single now for what.. 9 months? I'm slowly starting to feel I could actually get used to watching Netflix movies with someone else again, leaving secretly tiny love notes in his pocket, piggie back riding through the park, cooking ...

If I could do anything I wanted…

Sometimes just a little thing can change your entire mood, and suddenly your beautiful, sunny and optimistic attitude tints itself black with the color of insecurity. Life has been great since I moved into my new apartment in Vancouver. I finally ...

Lonely Nights

Sometimes, especially when something great comes to an end, the nights become longer, darker, and more lonely. Most times I don't care - I like reflecting, being with myself, creating inspiration, easing my mind and thoughts by soaking up the sound ...

New Years Reflection

I remember a time in early 2013, I had been feeling stuck somehow and unreasonably unhappy for a while. I couldn't put my finger on it, but something was off. I was eating Chinese,  and when I cracked my fortune cookie ...